My name is Tuan Bui. lithe giant serves as the archive of my web designs, showcasing web and web-related creations from the last several years.

I produce valid pages using modern css layouts with an emphasis on usability. I can do anything from simple static web pages to medium-scale integrated solutions involving a full user-updateable content management system and custom skins.

Most importantly, everything I build is as awesome as possible.

what things have I made recently?

  • Big Bubbles No Troubles: site design

    big bubbles no troubles
    launch site html, css, photoshop

    Showcase site for modern artist Gian Garofalo. 2011.

  • custom house: site redesign proposal

    custom house tavern
    wordpress, html, css, photoshop

    Custom House Tavern, a modern american bistro, needed their site redesigned in 2010.

  • spring restaurant group: site redesign proposal 2
    launch proposalhtml, css, photoshop

    Spring Restaurant Group needed a redesign of their corporate site - something with more elegance and class. The proposal was accepted and construction on the actual site commenced in late 2008.

  • spring restaurant: site redesign

    spring 1spring 2spring 3
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    spring large
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript, photoshop, flash, webdna

    Spring, an award-winning Chicago restaurant, launched their new website in March 2008. The new site features smooth scripted transitions, an open visual architecture, and an emphasis on sumptuous photography to convey the atmosphere of the restaurant.

  • WingSix Corporate Blog: wordpress theme design

    wingsix blog 1wingsix blog 2wingsix blog 3
    wingsix blog large
    launch bloghtml, css, php, photoshop

    June 2007 corporate blog design for WingSix, a hosting company. The blog needed to keep the company identity intact while reflecting WingSix' Chicago origin, and look modern while not being too austere.

  • corvail photographic agency: site redesign

    corvail redesign 1corvail redesign 2corvail redesign 3
    corvail redesign large
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript, php, photoshop

    May 2007 redesign of my photography site. An unobtrusive interface highlights the photography, and smooth javascript-enhanced transitions avoid disruption of visual flow.

  • fjord designs: site design and integration

    fjord designs 1fjord designs 2fjord designs 3
    fjord designs large
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript, php, photoshop

    December 2006 site. Custom-designed showcase and e-commerce store for modern artist Gian Garofalo. Based on a Wordpress backend and a heavily-massaged e-commerce plugin.

  • the swanky: site design

    the swanky 1the swanky 2the swanky 3
    the swanky large
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript, php, photoshop

    August 2006 minisite featuring my photography for Image Chicago, covering the summer club scene. Based on a plogger backend.

  • corvail: site design

    corvail 1corvail 2corvail 3
    corvail large
    direct link not availablehtml, css, javascript, photoshop

    May 2006 design for my Chicago-based photographic agency. Includes javascript-based galleries and a self-updateable news section.

  • Streaming Data Communications Lab: site redesign

    streaming data communications lab 1streaming data communications lab 2streaming data communications lab 3
    streaming data communications lab large
    launch sitehtml, css, photoshop

    May 2006 redesign of Prof. Vijay Pai's research group web page at Purdue University.

  • grasshopper magazine: site design and integration

    grasshopper 1grasshopper 2grasshopper 3
    grasshopper large
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript, php, photoshop, illustrator, flash

    Design-centric webzine site, with a sturdy b2evolution back end and a complete custom front end. Contains juicy javascript effects, like natural search boxes and a neat thumbnail browser. In collaboration with Lo13.

what do i do during the day?

  • encyclopaedia britannica: senior front-end engineer

    Encyclopaedia Britannica
    launch sitehtml, css, javascript (jquery framework), java/jsp

    The printed Encyclopaedia Britannica predates the founding of the United States. Launched in 1996, expands on the iconic printed books with an incisive online counterpart. At Britannica, a simple interface hides a rich and complex web application that allows you to add, edit, comment on, and send articles, among many other things. I code the connection between the business logic on the back end and the myriad ways the user can interact with the site on the front end.

what do i do at night?

  • spring restaurant group: designer

    spring restaurant group collateral
    launch sitehtml, css, photoshop, illustrator

    As the group designer, I am responsible for all the visual output of the group. This includes designing a site for the flagship restaurant, Spring (see above), maintaining the other 3 sites in the group, designing email blasts, and creating printed flyers and check inserts.

about lithe giant

lithe giant is the web design agency of Tuan Bui.

I approach web site design with interface and usability in mind. A web site cannot simply be a display of fancy code and flashy graphics; it has to communicate effectively. As a result, my sites are easy and intuitive to use, with uncluttered layouts and simple navigation.

All my sites are handcrafted using good code and good design principles.


Tuan Bui

(217) 721.4455


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